Intel Core i9-13900 Faster than the Ryzen 9 7950X and ~$150 Cheaper [Report]

The early benchmarks of the 13th Gen Core (non-K) lineup have surfaced, showing massive multi-threaded gains around the board. Starting from the bottom up, we have the i5-13400 with 6 P-cores and 4 E-cores, followed by the 13500 with 6P and 8E cores. At the higher end, we have the Core i7-13700/13700F with 8P+8E cores and the i9-13900/13900F with 8P+16E cores.

CPU NameP-Core CountE-Core CountThreads1T P-Core Boost1T E-Core BoostCacheTDP
Intel Core i9-13900K816325.8 GHz4.7 GHz68 MB125W
Intel Core i9-13900KF816325.8 GHz4.7 GHz68 MB125W
Intel Core i9-1390081632TBDTBD68 MB65W
Intel Core i9-13900F81632TBDTBD68 MB65W
Intel Core i7-13700K88245.4 GHz4.3 GHz54 MB125W
Intel Core i7-13700KF88245.4 GHz4.3 GHz54 MB65W
Intel Core i7-137008824TBDTBD54 MB65W
Intel Core i7-13700F8824TBDTBD54 MB65W
Intel Core i5-13600K68205.2 GHz3.9 GHz44 MB125W
Intel Core i5-13600KF68205.2 GHz3.9 GHz44 MB65W
Intel Core i5-136006820TBDTBD44 MB65W
Intel Core i5-135006820TBDTBD32 MB65W
Intel Core i5-134006416TBDTBD28 MB65W
Intel Core i3-13100408TBDTBD12 MB65W

The Cinebench R23 benchmarks place the Raptor Lake parts substantially ahead of their Alder Lake successors in the multi-threaded segment. The Core i5-13500 gains the most, beating the 12500 by 64%, followed by the 13600 and 13900, 59% and 53% faster than their predecessors.

In the single-threaded segment, the Raptor Lake parts perform roughly the same as Alder Lake. The largest uplift comes with the 13900, which registers a 10% lead over the 12900.

These scores place the Core i9-13900 ahead of the Ryzen 9 7950X in both the single and multi-threaded benchmarks. To make matters worse for AMD, the former will be at least $150 cheaper. Similarly, the i7-13700 offers roughly the same level of performance as the Ryzen 9 7900X at a more affordable price. Down the stack, the Core i5-13400 and 13500 are in a much stronger position compared to their AMD rivals, courtesy of the potent P cores and increased E cores.


13th non-K performance🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

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