Intel Core i9-12900K Already on Sale for $610 in Germany, First Shipments Commence

Intel’s Alder Lake processors are set to be announced next month, but some lucky customers have already gotten their hands on the Core i9-12900K, courtesy of the German retailer, Mindfactory. Reddit users, Seby9123 was able to buy a unit from Mindfactory for a rather reasonable price of $610 US. Generally, retailers list unannounced SKUs before launch with the expected pricing, and that’s about it.

Now, many retailers are straight-up breaking the sales embargos and selling unannounced SKUs as they see fit. According to the user, he was able to purchase two Core i9-12900K processors for $610 each. Considering that the Ryzen 9 5950X costs over $800, I’d say this is an excellent deal.

Unfortunately, unless board partners launch the Z690 motherboards, any Alder Lake SKUs purchased will be more or less useless. Furthermore, the DDR5 memory recommended for the higher-end Alder Lake parts costs a pretty penny, all the while offering more or less the same levels of performance as overclocked DDR4 kits.

Looking at the packaging, it seems like Intel has once again overhauled the case. You can see the new package below:

Source: WCCFT


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