Intel Core i9-11900K Draws Nearly 400W at 5.2GHz in AVX Workloads

During the MSI Insider weekly live-stream, the board partner demonstrated the power draw including the total package power and core voltage of Intel’s new Rocket Lake-S CPUs under load at various frequencies. Looking at these figures, it seems that the 11th Gen lineup is even more power-hungry than Comet Lake-S. Running the AIDA64 FPU AVX workload, the octa-core Core i7-11700K and 11900K peaked at 340W with the Prime95 AVX test seeing the two chips hit an insane 394W.

The hex-core i5-11600K, on the other hand, drew 243W in AIDA64 and reaching a peak power draw of 282W in the PRIME95 AVX test. It’s important to note that these abnormally high power values are due to the use of AVX512 instructions which although are significantly faster than traditional AVX and AVX2, draw a lot of power.

Tracking the total package power of the Core i9-11900K across different frequencies, it seems that the Rocket Lake-S flagship approaches the 300W mark at 5GHz after which the power draw increases freakishly with every 100MHz. Going from 5.1GHz to 5.2GHz, the power consumption jumps by nearly 60W which is quite honestly the result of the 14nm silicon hitting its results. Prior to 5GHz, each 100MHz jump generally increases the power consumption by just 20-25W which is what you should normally see. This means that 4.8-5GHz will be the sweet spot for most octa-core Rocket Lake-S parts.



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