Intel Core i9-10980HK HP Mobile CPU to have a Boost Clock of 5.3GHz

Intel’s Comet Lake CPUs are expected to be announced next month, with the mobile H series coming early on and the desktop S parts in the last week. We’ve seen many benchmarks of both the lineups and have a decent idea of what to expect from Intel’s 10th Gen processors. While the desktop chips are getting hyperthreading across the board and a core count bump on the top-end, the mobile chips are essentially a rebrand, the same CPUs with increased core clocks.

As you can expect, the main PR highlight of Intel’s next-gen chips is going to be the 5GHz+ boost clock, promising premium gaming performance. While in the desktop space, this is all well and good, the mobility processors pose a problem.

They are thermally limited. Meaning to keep notebooks from going boom, the power draw needs to be kept in check. (what does generic .25 xanax look like) This, in turn, means that the core clock can’t go above a certain limit either. If it does, it results in throttling which is basically the firmware reducing the clocks to keep them within safe limits or spec. This is something Intel’s 9th Gen laptops processors already suffer from, especially the higher-end Core i7 and i9 parts which at times even perform worse than their lower-end counterparts due to throttling.

Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake-H Core i7-10750H CPU Benchmarks Show Dismal Performance

10th Gen Intel Comet Lake-H Mobile Gaming CPUs to Feature 5GHz Boost Clock, Leaks Show Mediocre Performance

I can only imagine what will happen when Intel further cranks up the clocks on these same chips, promising better performance. The reality will be that many OEMs won’t be able to come up with thermal solutions sufficient enough to run the Comet Lake parts at their full potential. Something, we’ve already seen in benchmarks. Time will confirm this.


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