Intel Core i9-10900K Review Leaks Out: Intel Slightly Faster in Gaming, AMD a Lot Faster in Everything Else

We’ve seen some preliminary benchmarks of Intel’s 10th Gen flagship, the Core i9-10900K and they mostly point to the say conclusion. Intel’s newest 14nm lineup will be slightly faster in gaming but AMD will still maintain dominance in content creation, productivity, and pretty much every other workload. That too while costing nearly $100 less than competing Comet Lake-S parts. Today, a rather comprehensive review has surfaced that includes the usual synthetics, content creation benchmarks as well as the gaming performance of the Core i9-10900K compared against the Ryzen 9 3900X and the 3950X. Have a look:


As tradition demands, first up we have Cinebench R15 and R20. Here as expected, the AMD Ryzen 9 parts are both faster than than the Core i9. The 16-core 3950X is more than 50% faster in the multi-threaded tests. No surprise considering that it has six additional cores, but let’s also remember that it’s presently priced at $699, around $100 more than the 10900K current pre-order price at major retailers.

Tomb Raider
AC Odyssey
Borderlands 3
Far Cry 5
Metro Exodus

In 1440p gaming, the Core i9-10900K clearly comes out on top though in most cases the deltas are rather insignificant, ranging from 2-5 FPS. Furthermore, the AMD Ryzen 9 chips surprise at the end by beating Intel’s fastest gaming CPU in GTA V by nearly 10 FPS. Regardless, the Intel part offers superior gaming performance at the end of the day.


Now, at the very end, let’s have a look at the power consumption, something most of you ought to be eagerly waiting for. Here, as expected the Core i9-10900K draws the most power: A staggering 338W!

That’s more than even the 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X. The latter draws just over 300W under load while the 3900X tops out at 263W. Just one of the many advantages of a having a superior process node.



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