Intel Core i9-10900K Hits 93°C on 240mm AIO Liquid Cooler @ 4.77GHz w/ a Power Draw of 250W

We know that Intel’s 10th Gen flagship, the Core i9-10900K will need high-end liquid cooling to attain the spec boost clock of 5.3GHz, but we’re still not sure exactly how hot will the chip run using standard thermal solutions. A while back we saw that a 120mm cooler was absolutely useless with a Core i9-10900F, unable to permit even a 5GHz single-core boost. Today, thanks to the same source, we have a rough idea of how the 10 core 10900K will perform using a 240mmm AIO closed-loop cooler.

In the above test, the user ran the AIDA64 FPU test in tandem with Furmark and found that the Core i9-10900K was unable to sustain a single-core boost of 5GHz. This is despite the fact that the motherboard vendor has bypassed the PL1 and PL2 values, allowing the CPU to draw 250W for extended intervals.

Why do Intel CPUs (Core i9-10900K: 250W) Draw a Lot More Power than the Spec TDP: A Look at PL1, PL2 and Tau

Using a 240mm AIO cooler, the Core i9-10900K hits a max temperature of 93°C. Although the clock throttling brings down the temperature to 88°C, that is still far from normal. On top of that, the guy’s using a 240mm liquid cooler. Looking at these stats, I’d say you’ll need a 360mm liquid cooler to even have a chance at achieving that 5.3GHz boost. Even then, there’s only a 66% chance that you’ll be able to hit the spec boost clocks. Remember that 33% of all the 10th Gen chips won’t be able to achieve the marketed boost frequencies.


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