Intel Core i7-12700K Beats the Ryzen 9 5900X by 25% in CPU-Z ST Benchmark

Another benchmark of the Intel Core i7-12700K has surfaced, once again courtesy of @APISAK. The latest figures are from the CPU-Z benchmark and are in line with what we’ve already seen in older leaks. The 12700K manages an impressive single-threaded score of 800 points, beating the Ryzen 9 5900X by 25% while being marginally faster in the multi-threaded segment.

It’s worth noting that both CPUs are 12 core parts, with the Core i7-12700K featuring two fewer threads as the efficiency (Gracemont) cores lack hyperthreading. Despite this, it manages to one-up its closest Zen 3 rival while also offering exceptional single-threaded grunt. (Xanax bars)

Compared to the 32-core Zen 2 flagship (3950X), we’re looking at a single-threaded gain of 40% and a multi-threaded deficit of ~15%. The Core i7-11700K performs similar to the 5900X in the single-threaded department but unsurprisingly falls behind in the multi-threaded test. Managing just over 6,000, the 11700K is beaten by a margin of nearly 60% by its soon-to-be replacement.

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