Intel Core i7-12700F, Core i5-12400F and Core i3-12100F Listed for $455, $249 and $148 in Canada

Intel launched its flagship Alder Lake-S desktop parts a while back to (mostly) positive acclaim. However, the midrange offerings which often form the bread and butter of most chipmakers are yet to be released. These include the non-K SKUs, and the Core i5-12400F, 12500F, and the Core i3s.

A listing (shared by @momomo) gives us a glimpse of what to expect from the budget Alder Lake lineup. Keep in mind that, unlike the K series chips, these (except the 12700/12900/12600) will only feature the performance “Golden Cove” cores. Six on the Core i5s and four on the Core i3s. A Canadian retailer has shared the pricing of these processors and they’re more or less in line with their Rocket Lake predecessors.

The Core i7-12700F is listed for $455, the Core i5-12400F for $249, the Core i5-12400 for $287, and the Core i3-12100F for $148. Since these are the Canadian prices, they’re going to be a bit lower than the US retail prices. However, since this is a premature (pre-release) or placeholder listing, chances are that we’re looking at inflated prices.

Source: @momomo


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