Intel Core i7-12700, 12700F, Core i5-12600, 12400F, Core i9-12900, 12900F Specs Surface

The specifications of Intel’s 65W Alder Lake processors have surfaced. These are the non-K and F series SKUs that come with a locked multiplier and can’t be overclocked. The info was shared by @momomo on Twitter who has been rather consistent with his leaks. For the Core i7-12700 and 12700F, we’re looking at the same 12 cores and 20 threads, but a slightly lower base and boost clocks compared to the K series models.

While the 12700K had a base clock of 3.60GHz and 2.70GHz for the performance and efficiency cores, the 12700 runs its performance cores at 2.10GHz and the efficiency cores at 1.60GHz. The Turbo Boost 3.0 clock (P-cores) is just 100MHz lower than the 12700K (5GHz vs 4.9GHz). The base TDP (PL1) is a fair bit lower at 65W (vs 125W on the Ks), although the real-world power draw will depend on the PL2 values likely 2x as much.

For the Core i5-12600 and 12400F, the base clocks have been scaled down to 3.30GHz and 2.50GHz, respectively. Neither of these SKUs features the efficiency (Gracemont) cores. The boost clocks remain unknown but it’s likely going to be 100MHz and ~300MHz lower than the 12600K for the 12600 and 12400F, respectively.

For the non-K Core i9s, the base clocks have been tuned down to 2.40GHz and 1.80GHz (from 3.20GHz and 2.40GHz) for the performance and efficiency cores, respectively. The boost clock (like the Core i5s and i7s) has been reduced by 100MHz (from 5.2GHz to 5.1GHz), with the base TDP also falling to 65W. Both the non-K and K series chips are compatible with DDR4-4800 and DDR4-3200 memory kits.

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