Intel Core i7-11700K Rocket Lake-S Processor w/ 8 Cores|16 Threads @ 4.3GHz Spotted

A while back, a hex-core Rocket Lake desktop processor was spotted. While the scores were rather dismal (ES, so no surprise), it was a solid confirmation that the CPUs did exist and weren’t all that far from launch. Today, another Rocket Lake-S chip has been spotted on 3DMark, this time an octa-core part, possibly the Core i7-11700K.

Like the previous result, the scores are pretty low, but considering that the processors are still nearly a year away from launch, they’re certain to improve by leaps and bounds. The lack of CPU name and other basic stats from the listing means that we’re looking at an early engineering sample, and the final retail product will likely perform much better.

For reference, the Ryzen 5 3600X scores around 7,000 in TimeSpy (CPU) while the 3700X comes in at around nearly 10K. This Rocket Lake sample scores just 5K. You can read more about RKL-S here:



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