Intel Core i5-12400 and non-K CPUs Get Reduced Boost “PL2” Power Draw of 117W (from 154W)

Intel is planning to launch its budget-grade 12th Gen Alder Lake-S offerings (non-K and lower-end Core i5/i3 SKUs) in the first quarter of 2022. The announcement is set to come at CES 2022 in January, and the prices plus specifications have already leaked out. Courtesy of momomo_us, we’ve received some additional info regarding these processors. The PL2 or boost power of the non-K chips has been discovered.

The locked K series processors have a TDP of 65W, but under load can draw up to 117W of power. This is a major improvement over the 154W PL2 limit of the 10th and 11th Gen Core processors and can be attributed to the 10nm ESF/Intel 7 node used for the Alder Lake family in contrast to the dated 14nm node for the previous lineups.

The 12th Gen non-K parts (other than the Core i7/i9) lack the efficiency cores and only feature 4-6 performance cores. This is the first time that the Core i5-12600 and 12600K have differing specs in addition to the operating clocks.


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