Intel Comet Lake-H Mobile CPUs Surface on AliExpress for Desktop PCs (LGA1151)

Chinese eCommerce sites are often the source of various oddities, including prototypes, unreleased products, experimental tech, etc. Today, we have something similar for you. Intel’s Comet Lake-H processors which are usually found in gaming laptops have somehow found their way to AliExpress, as a standalone product for LGA1151 based desktop platforms.

The processor in the above post is a hex-core part with hyperthreading (SMT) and a base clock of 2.4GHz. It boosts to a maximum of 4.3GHz, with an overclocking potential of as much as 5GHz if you have a good power supply. To run the chip on an LGA1151 motherboard, you’ll need custom firmware. Luckily, the seller provides the required BIOS along with the processor for different motherboards, although some MSI boards with Micron chips seem to have some incompatibility issues.

The seller in question goes by the name of ShanDianXiaKeJi Store and has multiple mobile Intel chips for desktop machines, from 6th Gen Skylake to 10th Gen Comet Lake-H based offerings. The most popular ones are 8th and 9th Gen hex and octal core parts starting at just $70, with the top-end ones costing close to $200.


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