Intel CEO: Next-Gen 3nm CPUs Not Delayed, Xeon Granite Rapids-SP On Track for 2024 Launch

Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger has quashed rumors suggesting a possible delay in the launch timeline of the 14th Gen Arrow Lake-S processors. The other day a report from DigiTimes claimed that the chipmaker had deferred its 3nm orders with TSMC due to yet another roadmap slip-up. This supposed delay would have affected the next-gen Core processors leveraging TSMC’s 3nm dies for the iGPU.

Intel CEO

Interestingly, Gelsinger didn’t mention the 14th Gen client CPUs, solely the 6th Gen Xeon Scalable processors. He clarified that “all 3nm programs are on track“, both the ones outsourced to TSMC as well as internal Intel 3 nodes set to power Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest.

So, no changes in the programs as indicated. Good solid execution on both the client, the server, and AXG side. We are gaining momentum with foundry customers as well. So, I feel good that we have turned the corner on many of the execution challenges. You know, these rumors, like many others, will be proven by our execution to be firmly false.

The 3nm programs are on track, both with TSMC as well as our internal Intel 3 programs Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest in particular. I am somewhat amazed by some of these rumor mill discussions that come out. You might notice there were similar ones on Intel 4 a few months ago and also with some of our other TSMC programs, which were patently false at the time as well.

Patrick Gelsinger, Intel CEO
Intel 13th Gen Core
At CES 2023, Intel introduces the 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processor family, powered by Intel’s performance hybrid architecture. There are 32 new mobile processors introduced on Jan. 3, 2023. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Speaking at the company’s Capital Allocation Update conference call, the Intel CEO expressed amazement at some rumors circulating in the industry. He reminded his audience of the recent Intel 4 production delay rumors that were completely baseless and misleading.

Toward the end, Gelsinger commented on the progress of the now-bifurcated Accelerated Graphics Group, which has been divided between the Client and Data Center Divisions. He reaffirmed the client, server, and graphics roadmap, confident that the IDM 2.0 program is going according to plan.


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