Intel B560 Boards to Get Memory Overclocking up to 4000MT/s on Both 10th and 11th Gen CPUs

It looks like Intel is stepping up its efforts in the DIY market to catch with AMD this year. As per multiple sources, the company’s mid-range B560 boards will be getting memory overclocking support up to 400MT/s, along with XMP module support.

Memory overclocking up to 4GHz will be supported on both the 10th and 11th Gen CPUs on the B560 and B570 boards, all the way from the Pentium chips to the top-end Core i7/i9 parts. The memory capacity has also been expanded up to 128GB for the B560 chipset, bringing it on par with AMD’s B550 platform.

On the downside, the lower-end H510 boards will still be limited to 64GB of DDR4-2933 memory without support for XMP modules, the same as the preceding H410 chipset. This is a shame as AMD’s A520 boards support up to 128GB of DDR4 memory with overclocking support up to 4800MT/s on most $100 offerings.


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