Intel Arc GPUs Get another 16% Performance Boost with Graphics Driver Update

Intel’s latest graphics driver is meant to improve the performance of Arc GPUs in Starfield, but on the Linux side, they are set to offer some nifty upgrades as well. Team Blue’s open-source “ANV” Vulkan driver is getting a set of 15 patches that rejuvenate gaming performance for gamers using the Arc “Alchemist” GPUs, including the Arc A750 and the A770.

The update adds support for copy/clear MSAA images over the compute queue, plus async compute enablement with the INTEL_COMPUTE_CLASS environment variable. F12022 and Strange Brigade get the biggest boosts from this patch, gaining 16% and 6% more performance, respectively.

The Intel Xe driver is yet to be made upstream as of the v6.6 kernel cycle, but we should see the same happen in the coming months as an optional or perhaps experimental alternate driver for Arc Graphics users on Linux OS.

Source: Phoronix.


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