Intel Arc Battlemage Specs: 7,168 Cores, 112MB L4 Cache, and 16GB+ GDDR6X Memory [Rumor]

Intel’s 1st Gen Arc Alchemist GPUs have successfully penetrated PC gamers’ minds. Even though the market share is still in the low-to-mid single figures, rivals NVIDIA and AMD have started seeing Arc as a real threat to their duopoly. The 2nd Gen Arc Battlemage GPUs will launch in the second half of 2024, preceded by an Alchemist Refresh later this year. We’ve compiled the base specifications of the top-end Battlemage “G10” die.

Source: Moore’s Law is Dead.

Battlemage will feature considerably bigger cores, packing twice as many shaders (ALUs) as Alchemist. Per various rumors, each Vector Engine will pack 16 ALUs, up from just 8 on Alchemist. Intel has squeezed twice as many ALUs into one Vector Engine while keeping the remaining XeVE unchanged.

We still have two working in tandem with a single-thread scheduler capable of asynchronous instruction issue (FP+INT+XMX). The total number of Xe Cores has been increased to 56, bringing the Vector Engine Count up to 448. In comparison, the A770 features 32 Xe Cores and 512 Vector Engines that are half as wide.

On the memory side, we’re looking at a large LLC (L4) of up to 112MB. As per MLID, it will be called Adamantine Cache. Both NVIDIA and AMD have already integrated large LLCs into their latest GPUs. Battlemage will feature GDDR6X memory, making it the second vendor after NVIDIA to do so. These memory chips will be clocked at 22Gbps and higher.

Battlemage will feature a 256-bit bus, the same as Alchemist. Previously, a 320-bit or 384-bit bus was planned, but those plans have been shelved. You can expect 16GB graphics cards and a potential 24GB variant for a slight premium.


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