Intel Arc A770M Ends Up Faster than the NVIDIA RTX 3060 Mobile in 3DMark TimeSpy

The Intel Arc A770M has been spotted running 3DMark TimeSpy, registering a half-decent score of 10,793 points on the Intel NUC12 (Giant Snake Canyon) and 11,667 on the Clevo X270PTA. This puts it ahead of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 mobile which manages around 8,000 points in the same benchmark.

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The Arc A770M was originally supposed to be an RTX 3070 mobile competitor and then a rival to the RTX 3060 Ti but driver issues have dragged it down to RTX 3060 mobile levels of performance. The flagship Alchemist mobile GPU packs 32 Xe cores divided across 8 render slices, containing a total of 512 vector engines or 4,096 ALUs.

It features a 256-bit bus paired with 16GB GDDR6 16Gbps memory for an overall memory bandwidth of 512GB/s. The GPU core runs at a base clock of 1650MHz with a TDP range of 120-150W. The A770M comes with sixteen PCIe Gen 4 lanes and supports rBAR across most modern configurations.


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