Intel Arc A750 is 52% Faster than the NVIDIA RTX 3060 in Jagged Alliance, Costs $110 Less Too

Intel’s Arc A750 and A770 are solid mid-tier graphics cards. Offering RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti-level performance at lower price points, these GPUs are being consistently optimized. Intel’s software team releases a new graphics driver for the Arc family every month, if not more, improving the performance of various titles, both old and new. The latest Game On driver optimizes the Arc family for “Jagged Alliance 3” and “Exoprimal“.

The Arc A750 performs exceptionally well in “Jagged Alliance 3”. Averaging 64 FPS at 1080p Ultra, it crushes the RTX 3060 12GB with a lead of 52%. The lead dwindles to 34% at 1440p (High), which is still impressive considering that the A750 costs $110 less than the RTX 3060 12GB.

Looking at the performance per dollar metric, the Arc A750 is nearly twice as appealing as the RTX 3060 12GB at 1080p Ultra, a lead that drops to 67% at 1440p High.


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