Intel Arc A750 Gets a $60 Discount: RTX 3060 Performance for $40 Less

Intel’s Arc A770 has been discounted to tackle the newly released GeForce RTX 4060 and the Radeon RX 7600. The 8GB variant of the Arc A770 can now be had for $289, courtesy of a $20 promo code VGAEXCAA783. That’s roughly the same as NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060, with a small performance lead in most titles. Of course, the RTX 4060, with its $299 price tag, is also a viable option with superior raster and ray-tracing performance.


The Arc A750 8GB has also been discounted, going for just $229, down from its sticker price of $289. The A750 offers roughly the same level of performance as the RTX 3060 for $40 less. Both cards are ASRock variants, the A750 with a double fan and the A770 with a triple fan design.


The GeForce RTX 4060 is faster than the Arc A770 and offers superior raster and ray-tracing performance. It also supports DLSS 3 in a 2.5 slot width form factor and a TBP of just 115W (in most cases). Unlike the rest of the RTX 40 series cards, some of these feature an 8-pin connector and can be squeezed into the smallest of cases.


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