Intel Arc A350M is 2x Faster in Gaming Workloads with Dynamic Tuning Tech Turned Off

A while back, the first gaming benchmarks of Intel’s Arc A350M GPU were published by multiple outlets. Although the general performance was quite satisfactory, the frame times were all over the place and the GPU suffered from poor utilization in several titles. YT channel BullsLab has seemingly discovered the main culprit behind the issue, and it is none other than Intel’s own Dynamic Turning Technology.

DTT is the Intel equivalent of AMD’s SmartShift and NVIDIA’s Optimus. It dynamically adjusts the overall power budget between the CPU and the GPU to offer the best performance while also optimizing battery life. ( Only, it doesn’t. At the moment, it absolutely destroys gaming performance.

With DTT switched off, the Arc A350M is as much as 2x faster in gaming workloads. Surprisingly, the power draw hit the ceiling but stayed within spec while the CPU also hit the 28W TDP limit. However, the GPU was able to run at its 2.2GHz boost clock for sustained periods, resulting in better utilization and drastically improved performance.

Unfortunately, the games still face quite a bit of stuttering which is expected to be a driver issue. It’ll be a while before Intel irons out the software and firmware side problems, and considering the negligent availability, I’d say this won’t really be a cause of concern.


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