Intel, AMD & NVIDIA Likely to Skip Computex 2020 Amid COVID-19; Cancelation Possible

It looks like Computex will most likely be canceled, or at best be reduced to a secluded event. According to a Digitimes report, all major motherboard and graphics card manufacturers including AMD and NVIDIA are likely to withdraw from this year’s show. Normally held in the first week of June, Computex 2020 was earlier postponed to late September. However, looking at recent trends, a cancellation is looking more and more probable.

Many prominent tech shows including GDC, E3 and MWC have already been canceled. NVIDIA’s GTC was also switched to an online only event and finally postponed from the 23rd of March to all the way to 14th May.

Gigabyte and MSI have already pulled out from Computex while ASUS and Intel are looking at their options. NVIDIA and AMD haven’t said anything as of now, but sources claim that both rivals will be absent as well. We might see some OEMs livestream their events but that’s the farthest they’re willing to go.



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