Intel Alder Lake-P PL1 PL2 TDP Values Spotted: 45W and 115W for 12 Core CPU

Thanks to a Linux Coreboot patch, we have the PL1 (stock) and PL2 (boost) values for Intel’s Alder Lake-P mobile processors. We know that the Alder Lake-P family will feature three product stacks: U15, U28, and H45. The power values for all three lineups have been included in the latest update.

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U15 which is the successor to Tiger Lake-Y will supposedly have a PL1 value of 15W and a PL2 target of 55W. U28 which is essentially the successor to the existing Tiger Lake-U lineup will feature a PL1 TDP of 28W and a PL2 target of 64W. Finally, H45 which is the successor to Tiger Lake-H will have a PL1 value of 45W and a PL2 or boost TDP of 115W. All three lineups have higher PL2 values compared to Tiger Lake. Tiger Lake-UP3 has a 2-core PL2 value of 38W and a 4-core PL2 value of 60W. Finally, Tiger Lake-H has a PL2 value of 109W for the Core i9-11980HK which comes with a base TDP of 65W.

Alder Lake-P LineupGolden Cove CoresGracemont CoresPL1/PL2 Values (W)
Alder Lake-P TDP Values

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