Intel Alder Lake-P Flagship Core i9-12900H Up to 40% Faster than Core i9-10980HK in Gaming Workloads

An Ashes Escalation benchmark of Intel’s 12th Gen mobile flagship, the Core i9-12900H has surfaced. Codenamed Alder Lake-P, this SKU will feature six performance cores (Golden Cove) and eight efficiency (Gracemont) cores alongside a 96 EU Gen12 Xe iGPU. Formerly part of the high-performance 45W H-series lineup, the Core i9-12900H will power gaming notebooks and mobile workstations for content creators.

The Alder Lake-P flagship was tested in Ashes Escalation using the DirectX11 API at 1080p minimum. Paired with a GeForce RTX 3080 mobile and 16GB of main memory, the configuration managed a rather impressive 107.6 FPS on average or 10,800 points.

The 10th Gen Core i9-10980HK paired with the same GPU (at the same settings) scores just 7,600 points or 77.4 FPS, a deficit of roughly 40%. It’s worth noting that the Comet Lake-H flagship features eight cores, sixteen threads, and a boost clock of 5.30GHz.

Going by this benchmark, you can be sure that Intel will return to prominence in the PC market with a bang following the Alder Lake launch later this month. The K series desktop parts are slated to launch early next month while the budget and mobile offerings should land sometime in early 2022.

Via: Benchleaks


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