Intel Alder Lake Mobile Core Configs Leak Out: Up to 6 Big Cores and 8 Little Cores

The core configuration of mobile Alder Lake CPUs has been leaked over at Twitter by MebiuW, including the U/Y series as well as the H series. For some reason, Intel’s mobile lineups will be denoted by the P suffix instead of the traditional U/H naming.

The 28W lineup (UP3) will consist of up to two performance (Big) cores and as many as eight low power (little) cores, with two iGPU slices. On the 45W platform aimed at gamers and content creators, we’ll get six performance and eight low power cores and up to two Gen12 iGPU slices. Lastly, a BGA version of the Alder Lake-S is also mentioned. As already shared in the past, it will feature eight power and eight performance cores and one Xe slice.

Keep in mind that these are the fully enabled dies we’re talking about here which will only be featured in the flagship Core i7/Core i9 CPUs, with the lower-end i3s and i5s packing reduced core counts. This is especially true for the graphics side. The present top-end Tiger Lake iGPU has a single slice, so it’s unlikely that other than a couple of top-end variants we’ll see double as many GPU resources with Alder Lake-P:


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