Intel Alder Lake HX CPUs to Bring Desktop Grade Chips to Notebooks w/ 16 Cores and 24 Threads, and a Power Target of Over 115W

Intel is planning to consolidate its Alder Lake mobile lineup with a new range of 55W SoCs aimed at the ultra-high-end gaming and content creator market. This confirms earlier roadmaps predicting the existence of the H55 (S-BGA) SKUs based on the Alder Lake-S desktop range. Featuring eight performance “Golden Cove” cores, and eight efficiency “Gracemont” cores, the H55 lineup will pack a total of 16 cores, 24 threads, and a 32EU integrated graphics solution.

We’re essentially looking at the desktop chips with the boost power values (PL2) scaled down to roughly 120W. Prior H55 SKUs have had a base TDP of 55W, and a boost power target of 115W. However, considering the desktop-istic nature of the Alder Lake-H55 stack, it’d be safe to assume that they’ll go past this figure.


The Alder Lake HX lineup will consist of 2-3 SKUs, most likely the Core i9-12900HX, and the Core i9-12980HX. These parts will remain restricted to the enthusiast space, with bulk form factors, and a steep asking price. We’re talking about the peak-performing units from ROG, XMG, Alienware, and other similar vendors.

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