Intel 1st Gen Core Ultra 9 “Meteor Lake” CPUs Delayed to 2024: Core Ultra 5 and 7 in December

Intel’s official sources state that its 1st Gen Core Ultra Meteor Lake processors will land this December. Also known as the 14th Gen Core mobility chips, they feature Intel’s 4nm-class process node in a heterogenous, modular design. The CPU consists of three core clusters, Redwood Cove “P,” Crestmont “E,” and Crestmont “LP” cores on the SoC die. Meteor Lake is exclusive to the notebook market, adopting the updated Core Ultra 5/7/9 nomenclature.

According to a popular source from the Weibo forums, the top-end Core Ultra 9 notebooks won’t be available at launch. These high-performance chips are landing in the first half of 2024. The initial evaluation of the 1st Gen Core Ultra lineup has been done using the Core 5 125H and Core Ultra 7 155H. They will be marketed as alternatives to the Ryzen 7 7840HS and the Core i9-13900H.

The Core Ultra 5 125H is a 14-core chip with 4 P and 10 E cores, while the Ultra 7 155H increases the P count to 6. They feature 2MB of L2 cache per P-core and 18MB and 24MB of L3 cache, respectively. The boost clocks are expected to hover around the 5GHz mark.

The 1st Gen Core Ultra lineup will launch alongside the 1st Gen Core chips. These are Raptor Lake Refreshes targeting the lower-end market segments. The HX series processors will also consist of the same.


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