Intel 1st Gen Core Ultra 7 165H “Meteor Lake” Spotted: Faster than 13th Gen i9-13900H

Intel’s 1st Gen Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” processors (formerly 14th Gen) are slated to hit retail this holiday season. Meanwhile, we have a bunch of leaked benchmarks to sift through. Following yesterday’s Cinebench R20 leak of the Core Ultra 7 155H, we have a Geekbench 6 result of the Core Ultra 7 165H, a 45W SKU with a scalable TDP of 35W and 55W.

The Core Ultra 7 165H scores an impressive 2,502 points in the single-core and 12,545 in the multi-core benchmark. The test was conducted on an official development device wherein the CPU clocks hovered around 5GHz with a base clock of 3.80GHz. A look at the core counts indicates that we’re looking at a 16 (6P+8E+2LP) core SKU with a shared L3 cache of 24MB.

The 6P cores leverage the Redwood Cove core architecture and are responsible for the higher single-core score. The E-cores are based on the Crestmont core architecture with them placed on the SoC to improve power efficiency by handling lightly threaded tasks.

Comparing the score against existing 13th Gen Core i7 and i9 variants, we see a 7-10% uplift in single-threaded performance with roughly comparable multi-core scores. This is understandable since we’re comparing a developmental device against OEM variants. One thing to note about notebook performance is that it’s often more dependent on the form factor and cooling solution than anything else. Therefore, most leaks about mobility chips are rough estimates, nothing more.

Source: Benchleaks.


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