Intel 15th Gen Arrow Lake in Late 2024, 40 Core CPUs in 2025: No Hyper-Threading or Rentable Units

We have some new info on Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake-S processors, courtesy of Moore’s Law is Dead. We already reported that these chips would lack hyper-threading and potentially utilize an advanced multi-threading technique called rentable units. While hyper-threading seems to be on the way out, Rentable Units won’t appear before the 16th Gen Panther Lake lineup. The reason why hyper-threading was removed from Arrow Lake is rather straightforward.

They just couldn’t get it to work. 2-Way and 4-Way were tested, and neither worked satisfactorily. Instead of investing resources to integrate Rentable Units into the 15th Gen Arrow Lake family, it was decided to go ahead without either technology. As per early benchmarks, we’re looking at a 40% multi-threaded performance gain over 14th Gen Meteor Lake (at the same core counts). Expect lofty double-digit single-core gains over Raptor Lake as well.

Back to the specifications, MLID claims that the 24 core variants with 8P “Lion Cove” and 16E “Skymont” cores are expected to land by the end of 2024. The rumored 40-core monster with 8 P and 32 E-cores will reportedly release in mid-2025.


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