Intel 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs to be Compatible with Alder/Raptor Lake Coolers

Intel just launched its 14th Gen desktop CPUs to a relatively disappointed audience. A refresh/rebrand of the 13th Gen Raptor Lake family, these chips offer more or less the same performance at higher market prices. Yes, and now you know why everyone is so angry. Intel’s true 14th Gen lineup will land in the form of the 15th Gen Arrow Lake family. The official launch date of these CPUs is H2 2024, with rumors placing it closer to the end of the year.

The LGA1700 platform will be phased out after three generations of hybrid processors (technically two). The 15th Gen Arrow Lake lineup will launch with the new LGA1851 socket and the 800-series chipsets. They will be DDR5-only with higher PCIe Gen 5 lane counts, faster memory speeds, Thunderbolt 5, and more.

But more importantly, Arrow Lake will use the same CPU coolers as Alder and Raptor Lake. As discovered by Albert Thomas, many new AIOs are already documented for the 15th Gen CPUs and the accompanying LGA1851 socket. Ergo, all AIO coolers released since the Alder Lake Launch in Q4 2021 will be compatible with the upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs (and LGA1851 socket).


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