Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake-S Support Axed from Linux Kernel: Officially Dead?

Intel has removed support for the 14th Gen Meteor Lake-S CPUs from the Linux kernel, signaling the official end of the Meteor Lake desktop family. The patch states that the commit was supposed to add support for Meteor Lake P/M, but mistakenly added support for Meteor Lake-S instead. The same has been added for the former due to which the latter needs to be removed.

commit c5ad454a12c6 (“platform/x86: intel/pmc/core: Add Meteor Lake support to pmc core driver”) was supposed to add support for Meter Lake P/M and mistakenly added support for Meteor Lake S instead. Meteor Lake P/M support was added later and MTL-S support needs to be removed since its currently assigned to the wrong register maps.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the end of the 14th Gen Meteor Lake-S desktop family. Many popular tipsters have reported the shelving of the lineup in the past, but this is the first official-ish confirmation we’re seeing.

This harkens back to the age of Ice Lake and Tiger Lake. Neither lineup came to desktop, remaining limited to the low-core notebook segment for the most part. The desktop counterparts of these chips were refreshes and a backport that didn’t do so well.

The 14th Gen Core desktop family will allegedly consist of the Raptor Lake-S Refresh. Expect the same core counts with higher clocks and increased TDPs. The memory clocks will also be scaled along with improvements to the power supply and overclocking capabilities. Single-core boost clocks of 6.2GHz to 6.3GHz are most likely to be targeted.

Source: momomo_us.


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