Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs Could Feature up to 512MB of Cache for 2x iGPU Gaming Performance [RUMOR]

Following the inclusion of Rambo Cache in the “Ponte Vecchio” Data Center GPUs, Intel will be integrating the same formula into its client products. The chipmaker plans to utilize the “Adamantine” cache with its next-gen CPUs and GPUs. The 14th-Gen Meteor Lake processors and the 2nd-Gen Arc Battlemage GPUs were both designed to utilize this additional cache layer.

According to Moore’s Law is Dead, the Adamantine Cache will eventually get as large as a Gigabyte, but for now, Intel is testing 128MB to 512MB of it for the 14th Gen Meteor Lake iGPUs. It’s worth remembering that this cache is primarily meant for the iGPU rather than the CPU and might explain the rumored L4 cache, which will be exclusive to the latter.

As per the YouTuber’s sources, the Adamantine Cache at least doubles the integrated graphics performance on the 14th Gen Meteor Lake iGPUs compared to the 96EU Raptor Lake solution. I don’t expect Adamantine to make a notable appearance on the desktop SKUs, but the notebook variants might get a sizable boost in gaming performance without raising the power envelope.


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