Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 CPU Spotted: 16 Cores, 22 Threads, and 3GHz Base Clock

A 14th Gen Core i7 CPU or a Core Ultra 7 has been spotted in the Linux graphics driver code (via @InstLatX64). We’re looking at a 16-core part with three different clusters: 6 P-cores based on the Redwood Cove core architecture, 8 E-cores, codenamed Crestmont, and 2 Crestmont E-cores on the SoC for ultra-low power scenarios. The Core Ultra 7 1002H features a base clock of 3GHz and a boost of 4.5GHz to 5GHz.

This isn’t the first Meteor Lake-P chip to surface on the web. Earlier, we saw the Core Ultra 7 1003H and the Core Ultra 5 1003H in the Linux graphics driver code and the Ashes Escalation benchmark, respectively. The former has the same core configuration with a higher P-core clock of 3.4GHz (base). The latter is either a 2P+14E or a 4P+10E core design.

Meteor Lake is a mobile-only design with a focus on power efficiency and single-threaded performance. In addition to the primary compute die, the SoC die will pack a couple of E-cores for ultra-low-power scenarios. This allows the OS to turn off the compute die completely, relying on the two E-cores on the SoC for even higher power efficiency.

Intel has tried changing the naming scene of its client processor multiple times. The Ice Lake and Tiger Lake-U chips got the G4/G7 suffix to indicate the iGPU model. More recently, the 15W U and 45W H series notebook processors were brought under the P platform without affecting the naming. The desktop-grade HX lineup and the higher-clocked HK SKUs were also introduced.

Renaming the Core i5/i7 to the Core Ultra 5/Ultra 7 sounds like a mouthful, but we still don’t know the exact details of this naming scheme. The last digit indicates the chip’s position in the core clock hierarchy. For example, the Core Ultra 7 1002H has a base clock of 3GHz, while the Core Ultra 7 1003H runs at 3.4GHz at stock. Both SKUs feature 16 cores (6P + 8E + 8ES).

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