Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 155H Leak: Over 35% Faster than the Core i7-13700H [GB6]

Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake mobility chips have started popping up in the Geekbench database. The Core Ultra 7 155H is the latest SKU to enter the public results. A midrange processor with 14 cores (6P +8E), it features 2MB of L2 cache per core for the Redwood Cove “P” cores and 24MB of shared L3 cache. The P cores have a peak single-core boost of 4.8GHz, with the Crestmont “E” cores topping at 3.8GHz.

This particular sample was powering an HP Spectre x360 convertible. Posting a multi-core score of 12,853 points, it beats the existing Core i7-13700H variant of the same device by 36%. The single-core score leaves much to be desired despite both SKUs featuring roughly the same peak clock (~4.8GHz). Of course, we don’t know whether this is an internal test sample or a retail version. In addition to the firmware and drivers, there’s plenty that may yet be missing.

According to 金猪升级包 (Bilibili), the Core Ultra 7 165H will have a P-core boost clock of 5GHz, while the Core Ultra 9 185H flagship will attain 5.1GHz on the fastest core. All three SKUs will feature 14 cores, divided between 6P and 8E cores.

Source: Geekbench 6.

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