Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake Core Architectures Revealed in Die Shots: 8E+2P Cores, Almost Identical to 12th Gen Alder Lake

A thoroughly detailed die shot (and a rough block diagram) of Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake-P CPU die has surfaced, courtesy of French outlet Comptoir Hardware. The blueprint appears to be of a 15W low-power mobile processor with two performance (P) cores and eight efficiency (E) cores. The die shot has been annotated by @Locuza which sheds further light on the 4nm Redwood Cove P-core and the Crestmont E-core architectures.


The cache hierarchy is a step up from Alder Lake-P with 2MB of L2 and 3MB of L3 cache per core. This is rumored to be the same as Raptor Lake. Similar to Golden Cove, the vector registers are still 512b indicating 512b support on an architectural level. Crestmont too looks more or less identical to Gracemont with minor changes to the cache and the branch predictor.

Intel’s Meteor Lake processors are slated to launch in the second half of 2023, starting with the mobile lineup. They’ll go up against AMD’s Ryzen 7000 family, namely Phoenix and Dragon Range in the notebook and Raphael in the desktop segment.

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