Intel 14th Gen Arrow Lake-S Desktop CPUs Delayed or Canceled? TSMC 3nm Orders Postponed [Rumor]

Intel’s 14th Gen Arrow Lake-S processors may have been delayed by over a year to 2025 (or worse yet, canceled). The chipmaker’s 2023-24 roadmap includes the disaggregated Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake lineups, leveraging the Intel 4 and 20A (2nm) process nodes, respectively. The iGPU and SoC tiles will be outsourced to TSMC, 3nm (N3) for graphics and 6nm (N6) for I/O.

The 14th Gen Meteor Lake-P mobile processors have already been taped out, with a global launch planned for the second half of the year. There is no word on the desktop lineup, and if or when it’s released, it’ll be limited to the mainstream segment. The flagship will feature a 6P +8E core design, leaving the Core i9s for Arrow Lake?

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything about Arrow Lake in a while. During its Q4 earnings report, Intel spoke of Meteor Lake and Lunar Lake but not a peep about Arrow Lake. According to Team Blue, Lunar Lake will follow Meteor Lake sometime in late 2024, leaving no room for Arrow Lake in between.

As per a new report from DigiTimes, Intel has deferred its 3nm orders with TSMC. These units were said to power the 3nm iGPU tiles on Arrow Lake. Initially, Meteor Lake was also supposed to feature the same iGPU but was likely downgraded to N5 at some point.

If this report from DigitTimes is legit, then Intel has postponed Arrow Lake to 2025 or scrapped it altogether. In the latter’s case, the 3nm wafers would likely be used for the Lunar Lake graphics dies.

Source: DigiTimes


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