Intel 14nm CPU Shortages Hit Notebook Makers Hard

It appears as though showcasing a fancy new integrated GPU and a range of 10nm processors that will most certainly never see volume manufacturing isn’t going to be enough to alleviate Intel’s very real supply-side woes.

A Digitimes report indicates that OENM notebook makers expect to see their shipments slide by 10-15 percent in Q1 2020. This substantial reduction is likely to be demand-driven. Rather, it likely stems from an inability of notebook makers to keep up with demand, due to the lack of availability of Intel notebook chips.

AMD introduced its Ryzen 4000 APU lineup at CES 2020. This features some remarkably powerful CPU/GPU combos such as the Ryzen 7 4800H. The high-end APUs offer at least as much performance in terms of graphics and processing power as the best Intel Ice Lake parts. It wouldn’t be surprising if more and more vendors began to reconfigure their high-end notebook models with AMD APUs and offer these as a viable alternative in the ultrabook and premium notebook segments.

This is born out by the numbers: AMD witnesses a nearly 4 percent year-on-year growth to market share in the notebook segment. It now controls 14.7 percent of the market. Intel still has a commanding lead here, but we expect Ryzen 4000 APUs to further dent its market dominance. Let’s see how 2020 will pan out.


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