Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Specs Leaked: Non-K Core i5s and Core i3 Based on 12th Gen Alder Lake [Rumor]

Intel’s entire 13th Gen Raptor Lake-S family (along with specifications) has surfaced over at the Bilibili (Via: @harukaze) forums. The next-gen Core lineup consists of 14 SKUs, including the lower-end non-K chips. Interestingly, while the higher-end parts are based on newer dies, the lower-end non-K offerings will be repurposed Alder Lake dies. The latter consists of the Core i3-13400, i5-13400, i5-13400, i5-13500, and the i5-13600.

This means that the budget Raptor Lake offerings may feature just 1.25MB of L2 cache per P-core with the rest packing up to 2MB. The L3 cache should be scaled up across the board as the E-core count has increased throughout (excluding the i3-13100).

Till now, we’ve seen several benchmarks of the K-series SKUs showing substantial multi-threaded gains in most workloads (>40%). The single-core performance will put a dampener on the show as Raptor Cove is roughly identical to Raptor Cove. Regardless, boost clock increments alongside fatter cache reserves should result in nifty gains in many lightly threaded workloads such as gaming and photo-editing.

Intel plans to reveal its 13th Gen lineup on the 27th of September, followed by the retail launch roughly 15-20 days later. AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs are set to launch on the same day.


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