Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake-HX Mobile CPUs Pack Up to 24 Cores and a Boost Clock of 5.4GHz

Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake family will be an Alder Lake rebrand for mainstream notebooks. The enthusiast gaming audience, however, will get full-fledged desktop chips with increased cache and cores. The Raptor Lake-HX lineup will power the fastest gaming laptops with up to 24 cores (8P+16E) and a peak boost clock of 5.4GHz. The stack will consist of the following five SKUs:


The Core i9-13900HX will be the fastest notebook gaming CPU for the next 12 months, or at least till AMD launches a 3D V-Cache variant of Zen 4 for the mobility market. Each step in the product hierarchy represents a reduction in the core count, cache, as well as operating clocks. The Core i9-13900HK features eight performance and sixteen efficiency cores with a peak boost of 5.4GHz. It’s based on the same die as the 13900K. The Core i7-13700HK keeps the P cores intact but cuts the E-cores in half and reduces the single-core boost to 5GHz. Therefore, it’s the same chip used on its desktop counterpart.

The Core i7-13650HK is based on the 13600K with 6P and 8E cores, the former peaking at 4.9GHz. The Core i5s are derived from the non-K desktop chips. They sport six performance and eight/four efficiency cores operating up to 4.7GHz/4.6GHz. The Raptor Lake-HX platform supports DDR4-3200 and DDR5-5600 memory with reduced effective PL2 values.


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