Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs Reportedly Launching on the 20th of October

Intel will be announcing its 13th Gen Core processors on the 27th of September, followed by a retail launch on the 20th of October. The enthusiast class K series chips namely the i9-13900K/KF, i7-13700K/KF, and the i5-13600K/KF will be the first to be rolled out with the non-K mainstream offerings coming next year.

The lower-end Raptor Lake processors, including the Core i3-13100, i5-13400/F, i5-13500/F, i5-13600/F, i7-13700/F, and the i9-13900/F. The announcement for these chips will come somewhere between the 19th of Feb and the 18th of March (2023). The retail market rollout is supposedly planned for late Feb to late March, nearly half a later after the high-end offerings.

CPU NameP-Core CountE-Core CountThreads1T P-Core Boost1T E-Core BoostCacheTDP
Intel Core i9-13900K816325.8 GHz4.7 GHz68 MB125W
Intel Core i9-13900KF816325.8 GHz4.7 GHz68 MB125W
Intel Core i9-1390081632TBDTBD68 MB65W
Intel Core i9-13900F81632TBDTBD68 MB65W
Intel Core i7-13700K88245.4 GHz4.3 GHz54 MB125W
Intel Core i7-13700KF88245.4 GHz4.3 GHz54 MB65W
Intel Core i7-137008824TBDTBD54 MB65W
Intel Core i7-13700F8824TBDTBD54 MB65W
Intel Core i5-13600K68205.2 GHz3.9 GHz44 MB125W
Intel Core i5-13600KF68205.2 GHz3.9 GHz44 MB65W
Intel Core i5-136006820TBDTBD44 MB65W
Intel Core i5-135006820TBDTBD32 MB65W
Intel Core i5-134006416TBDTBD28 MB65W
Intel Core i3-13100408TBDTBD12 MB65W

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