Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake w/ Chiplet Architecture Taped Out, Launch in Q1 2023

According to @OneRaichu (Twitter), a reliable source on Intel hardware, the chipmaker’s 14th Gen processors have been taped out. Yes, we’re talking about Meteor Lake, the first chiplet based client lineup from Intel. The source claims that the tape-in was in the second quarter of 2021, followed by the tape-out last month (September).

As for the launch we’re looking at a Q1 2023 window, following the Raptor Lake launch sometime in 2022. The latter will be a refresh of Alder Lake on a refined node, while Meteor Lake will be a radical change. In addition to a new process node (Intel 4/7nm), we’re looking at a chiplet architecture with improved integrated graphics and much more. (atticsandmore.com) Meteor Lake will go up against AMD’s Zen 5 core architecture which is expected to power a big.LITTLE super APU, 32-core consumer CPUs, and possibly something much more potent.

Intel has its work cut out, but considering Pat’s confidence and expertise, I think it’s going to be an exciting 5 years. Meteor Lake is expected to feature three chiplets with the compute die featuring 16+ cores, the SoC I/O on a separate die, and the iGPU on a separate one with up to 192 EUs (1,536 shaders). Meteor Lake is also going to feature Foveros and a TDP of 5-125W.


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