Intel 13th Gen Core Mobile CPUs to be a Rebrand of 12th Gen with Higher Clocks: Same Core Counts and Cache

Intel announced its 13th Gen Raptor Lake desktop processors last week. Increased core cores and beefed-up lower-level L2 cache are the key highlights of these chips. However, only the higher-end K series CPUs are getting these upgrades, while the lower-end (non-K) parts will likely be rebranded 12th Gen offerings with the same core and cache hierarchy.

Intel will adopt the rebrand and relaunch approach with the 13th Gen mobile processors as well. Unlike their desktop counterparts, the H (high-performance) series Raptor Lake CPUs will have the same core counts and cache as their predecessors. The only difference will be in terms of the boost clocks. The above example shows the Core i9-13900HK, the Raptor Lake-H flagship. From the looks of it, we’ll get the same fourteen cores (6P+8E) as the 12900HK. The memory subsystem is also identical, with 1.25MB of L2 cache per core and 24MB L3. The platform upgrades, including higher PCIe Gen lane count and enhanced overclocking, should carry over.

Source: Benchleaks


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