Intel 13th Gen Core i9-13900K Nearly 70% Faster than the Ryzen 9 5950X in Leaked Benchmark, Leads the 12900K by 50%

Another benchmark of the 13th Gen Core i9-13900K has surfaced, with the power limit raised to 350W- up from 250W on the stock retail SKU. This little TDP bump confers a healthy boost in multi-threaded performance, placing it nearly 70% ahead of the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. A power hike of 36% makes the 13900K a marginal 14% faster. Compared to its predecessor, the 12900K, the performance delta grows from 30% to 48% with the TDP upped to 350W.

This is a retail unit running at a base clock of 3GHz and a boost of 5.8GHz for single-core and 5.5GHz for multi-core workloads. The IPC is largely unchanged compared to Alder Lake and the E-core count has been doubled to 16. The P-core count is still pegged at 8 with refinements to the cache subsystem. The L2 cache has been doubled to 2MB per core and the L3 has been buffed to 68MB for the entire 24-core processor.




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