Intel 13th Gen Core i9-12900 Delidded CPU Pictured, Slightly Larger Die than the Core i9-12900K

A new (delidded) die shot of the 13th Gen Core i9-13900 has surfaced. The Raptor Lake-S die was compared to its predecessors, namely the Core i9-12900K and the Core i9-11900K. While 11th Gen Rocket Lake was fabbed on the 14nm process, its successors were both manufactured using the “newer” Intel 7 lithography (formerly known as 10nm ESF). Unsurprisingly, the Core i9-12900K is the smallest die on account of the “small” Gracemont cores and the newer node.

Interestingly, the Core i9-13900 doesn’t manage to beat the 11900K either…in terms of die area. While the area has grown due to the increased L2 and L3 cache, and higher E-core counts, it’s still a smidge less than the latter. It’ll be interesting to see how the thermals hold up on this die.


Areej Syed

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