Intel 13th Gen Core i7-13700K~50% Faster than the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X in Leaked Gaming Benchmark [AoTS]

The first gaming benchmark of the Core i7-13700K has been spotted. Picked up by Benchleaks over at the Ashes Escalation benchmark database, we’re looking at an engineering sample with 16 cores and 24 threads. That’s eight Raptor Cove “P” cores and eight Gracemont “E” cores. Essentially, that’s a Core i9-12900K with more cache, higher cores, and higher TDP limits. It seems to be an effective strategy if these benchmarks are anything to go by:

The Core i7-13700K is a solid 50%+ faster than the Ryzen 7 5800X, also beating the Core i9-12900K by a thousand points (10 FPS on average). In the case of the latter, the marginal gains come from the increased cache and higher boost clocks. Memory speeds may also be a factor but it’s hard to say for sure. These scores were recorded at 1080p_Low alongside a GeForce RTX 3080.

With the graphics settings dialed down to 1080p_Min, the deltas further widen. The Core i7-13700K leads the Ryzen 9 5950X by around 30% (40 FPS on average). It’s worth noting that the latter features a higher thread count, all being high-performance “P” core derivatives.

Intel and AMD are targeting higher frequencies this cycle at the cost of increased power consumption. Team Blue is also doubling down on its E-cores which will have diverse results from workload to workload. Overall, the focus seems to have completely shifted to high-performance gaming for both chipmakers with Intel throwing a bone to content creators as well.

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