Intel 13th Gen B760 Motherboards for Core non-K Chips Allegedly Cheaper than Existing B660 Boards

Next month, Intel is planning to launch its 13th Gen non-K CPUs alongside the B760 series motherboards. With a downgrade from the Z790 chipset, you’re looking at half the DMI (chipset to CPU interconnect) bandwidth, fewer USB ports, and half as many PCIe and SATA pipes. Considering the higher data throughput of the Gen 4 and Gen 5 interface, even an x4 slot can be sufficient for FHD gaming, with x8 sufficing for 4K.

The prices come from @g01d3nm4ng0 and have been neatly compiled by @Harukaze in the below table.

Courtesy: Harukaze

As you can see, while the higher-end SKUs are a smidge pricier than their predecessors, the budget and lower-end offerings are cheaper by $10. The entry-level B760M-A WiFi DDR4 can be had for just $169, and unlike the B660, we’re likely looking at basic PCIe Gen 5 support for faster I/O transfers. You can expect these budget 700-series boards to launch next week after a CES 23 unveil.


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