Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake-U Core i7-1185G7 Benchmark Surfaces: Mild CPU Gains, Nearly 60% Faster Graphics Performance

The first benchmark of a finalized Intel Tiger Lake-U chip has finally seen the light of the day. While the gains on the CPU side are marginal, the graphics performance is vastly improved over the already well-performing Gen11 iGPU powering Ice Lake:

The Tiger Lake-U graphics processor is a notch faster in than both the Renoir Vega as well as its Gen11 predecessor. However, the quad-core design means that it still lags far behind the mobile 7nm Ryzen parts in terms of sheer CPU performance.

The Tiger Lake-U and Y lineups are expected to launch later this year, with the high-performance H series coming next year. Featuring the 10nm++ Willow Cove core and Gen12 Xe graphics, it will succeed Ice Lake which is Intel’s first successful 10nm volume product.

Willow Cove is slated to bring better single-threaded performance, with improvements in AI performance, security and 5G networking speeds. The Gen12 Xe graphics are simply the first LP Arctic Sound GPUs with an unprecedented 96 EUs (384 cores) in a mobile form factor.



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