Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake U Benchmarks Leaked: Up to 10% Faster than Ice Lake

Tipster @Satanium appears to have uncovered Geekbench performance numbers for Intel’s upcoming Tiger Lake processor. The Geekbench comparison pits the Ice Lake based Core i7-1065G7 processor against an unnamed Tiger Lake part. The test pits the Intel “0000,” apparently a 3.9 GHz quad-core/eight-thread part against the high-end Ice Lake processor.

The comparison is interesting because, just a day ago, Intel showcased a Tiger Lake laptop with Gen 12 graphics up, giving us a decent picture of how Tiger Lake’s integrated Xe-based GPU performs. We were still left in the dark a bit about Tiger Lake’s CPU performance. Intel bragged about its 45W Comet Lake H parts breaking the 5.0 GHz barrier. But what about Tiger Lake-U performance? This is the part we’ll be seeing in 2020’s upcoming ultrabooks.

The Geekbench leak indicates a reasonable generational performance gain over Ice Lake. Single-core performance appears to be relatively unchanged. The Tiger Lake U platform scored 1309 on Geekbench single-core, trivially lower than the Ice Lake competition. However, at 3132, its multi-core performance is around 10 percent higher than Ice Lake’s. This indicates that efficiency gains may have gone towards keeping sustained all-core clocks higher.

While not exactly exciting news, the leak indicates that Tiger Lake’s Gen 12 GPUs will be backed by reasonably powerful multi-core CPU performance.


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