Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S Prices Announced: Fewer Cores for More Money

The prices of Intel’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S lineup have surfaced ahead of the official launch in a couple of weeks. Surprisingly, the new processors are pricier than their predecessors despite offering the same number of cores (in some cases fewer) at every budget. The irony is that the Core i9-10900K which packs ten cores costs just $488, with the ever so slightly slower 10850K costing a mere $320. With Rocket Lake-S, you’ve got the flagship (11900K) with just eight cores priced over $500:

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The pricing of the mid-range offerings, namely the i7s is more reliable being just a dozen bucks or so higher than their predecessors. Here, you’ve got a $100+ delta between the Core i7s and i9s, with the only differentiating factor being a higher boost clock, mainly via Thermal Velocity Boost. Finally, the hex-core i5s are going to be priced the same as their Comet Lake predecessors despite offering significant single-threaded and multi-threaded improvements.

Considering the lackluster performance of the 11th Gen lineup, this pricing is a bit on the high side, but if you factor in the silicon shortages, they should sell like hotcakes either way. However, recently we’ve seen the supply of AMD’s competing Ryzen 5000 parts improve by quite a bit, so it’ll be interesting to see if the pricing sticks.

For the first time ever, Intel is primarily comparing its new offering with the existing products, with an improvement of 7-14% across most games. With regard to the competition, only one slide with four benchmarks was shared, showing a marginal lead of 3-10%.


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