Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S CPUs Preponed for January 2021 Launch

According to a well-reputed source on Twitter, Intel has rescheduled the launch of its 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S processors to January, all the way from March 2021. Meanwhile, the Z590 boards are slated to arrive in Feb, a month after the CPU launch.

A short while back, a report from WCCFT claimed that the Rocket Lake desktop parts are arriving in March 2021. Just days after that post hit the web, we’re hearing chatter that the 11th Gen processors will be coming much earlier than expected. This is likely the result of Intel losing the game crown to AMD with the launch of the newer Ryzen 5000 CPUs.

Considering that Rocket Lake-S will feature both a new core architecture (Sunny Cove) and a higher boost clock (up to 5.5GHz), it’s very likely that it’ll be able to reclaim Intel’s coveted title of being “The best gaming CPU”. Sunny Cove features an IPC uplift of 14-18% and whatever part of it is lost in the backporting process to the 14nm process will be made up by higher core clocks than both Ice Lake and Tiger Lake.

On the downside, Rocket Lake-S will be limited to eight cores, down from ten cores on the Comet Lake-S flagship. This means that unless we see the more optimized games developed for the next-gen consoles, Intel will probably hold a marginal advantage in gaming workloads.


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