Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S and 12th Gen Alder Lake-S CPUs Spotted

Intel is planning to launch its 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S CPUs in early 2021 to tackle the newly announced Ryzen 5000 parts from AMD. Based on the new Cypress Cove core architecture (read: Sunny Cove on 14nm) and boost clocks as high as 5.5-5.6GHz, Intel will be looking to regain the gaming crown which it will likely lose to Zen 3 very soon.

The above picture shows two Rocket Lake engineering samples, sourced from the Chinese BB forums.

Source (via)

Here, you can see a comparison of an Alder Lake-S CPU and the 10th Gen flagship, the Core i9-10900K. The former is notably larger due to the use of a hybrid core architecture (Cove + Mont), featuring up to sixteen cores, fabbed on the 10nm SuperFin node, and paired with the Gen12 Xe integrated graphics.


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